Endless Appetite


Well alright,
no stars tonight
The moon must hide
can't bear to see my face
So many moons have passed
So many suns gone down
Too much blood under the bridge
Too many worlds turned upside

The skies were pure and the fields were green
The fading summer, sixteen-seventeen
The first time I ever drew blood
She was such a beautiful and innocent child
She never knew my soul was cursed for good
I fought to overcome my thirst I thought I could
But when I kissed her lips then I had no control
And the furies all ran wild

And when I grasped for life
I always killed the things for which I yearned
I wish to be a flame and reduce
d to ashes
But I have never burned
I long to fly in total freedom
And yet these chains keep dragging me down
I want to be an angel or the devil himself
But I am nothing but a creature longing for
the things I canít have

And this split that stole my very soul
Itís a wound that never mends
Our desires are elusive
And the hunger never ends
When the world has drawn its final breath
And extinguished all the lights
Thereíll be nothing left
But a lifeless wasteland and an endless appetite
Nothing left but a soundless heartbeat and a ruthless appetite

The preacherís daughter let me in her room
In seventeen thirty-two, to love me was her doom
With her silken blood I wrote a poem of love
Upon her ivory skin
And the bashful page of Napoleon the Great
In eighteen hundred thirteen he stood at the gate
When I recall his body I canít help but think
To consume
it was a sin
So many victims washing on the shores
An ocean of pure tears
So many pleas for mercy, howls of pain
Intoxicating fears
I used my body just like a bandage
I used their bodies just like a wound
And Iíll never know where they disappeared
But I can see them rising up out
of my memories now
Just like the demons rising up from a tomb!

And there is no way ever to apologize,
repent or make amends
No release and no redemption
The hunger never ends

There are those who believe in science
And those who believe in art
There are those who believe in power and wealth
Or in love and matters of the heart
There are those who believe in various gods
In nations, and knowledge
In hell and in heaven
The powers of darkness
The assumption of the light
But I believe in just one god
That of endless and insatiable
Immoral and destructible
And all consuming appetite

There is a prediction that I now will make
And Iím sure it will be right:
When the next millennium finally comes
The god most worshi
pped in this world
Will be the god of appetite


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